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Wellbeing is all about looking after mind, body & spirit. At Acupuncture South East we believe that wellness takes a village, & we recognise the value of working with other health practitioners & wellness professionals in our community to help our clients achieve optimum health.

The following people & places are our go-to resources for wellness, & the people we recommend to clients when they would like a multi-disciplinary approach to health & wellbeing.

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The Acupuncture Fertility Network is a professional special interest group of acupuncturists dedicated to helping individuals with fertility issues across the UK. It aims to nurture your sense of wellbeing throughout your fertility journey, support your choices & wishes, & enhance your capacity to conceive wherever possible.

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Linda provides immediate access to a high quality, value for money bespoke podiatry service. Specialist treatments to meet the needs of individuals, residential & care homes, & sport teams.

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